From Colin & Ann Stockton

Hi Kevin,

... The excursions were well organised and very enjoyable. We did choose to miss the visit to the Blue Lagoon and took a trip instead over the recently erupted volcano.  The manager of Hotel Ranga tried to help us organise a helicopter flight for that day but it could not be arranged.  As an alternative he told us of a local character with a fixed wing plane.  When we agreed to go he made the arrangements for us.  I would say the plane was lacking in comfort but our pilot was “mad enough” to fly us on a roller coaster ride right down the lava flow tipping the plane left and right throughout the descent and then back up again.  The flight over and inside the rim of the still steaming volcano with its powerful smell of sulphur was brilliant. Our flight included going over the nearby glacier and lasted for about two-and-a-half hours.  Ann still describes it as the scariest thing she has ever done!  I could write pages on The Golden Circle Tour but I doubt I could do justice to the brilliance of the experience and the enthusiasm and pride of the people involved in taking us.  Hotel Centrum in Reykjavik was different in style to Hotel Ranga but none the less impressive and comfortable.
We thoroughly enjoyed the short break you arranged and our home made DVD will continue to enthral for years to come.   

Best regards,

Colin and Ann Stockton