From David

We chose the "Iceland winter escape" 3 day tour package, and it was fantastic. The first day was mainly sight seeing, but also included an exploration of a lava cave. The second day was a glacial hike, and the third day was a trip to the blue lagoon. 

Booking was very easy, and they promptly responded to all questions. Our guide was Dori and he was very friendly and very knowledgeable. A knowledgeable guide is very important as Iceland is not "american style" safe. The glacial hike, for example, would have been very dangerous without a proper guide (think large slippery holes that lead to a 20 meter drop). 

We stayed at hotel cabin, and Dori picked us up and dropped us off which is a service I strongly recommend.

One somewhat unique feature of arctic adventures is that we had the same guide for the guided tours (first two days), and we were with mainly the same people all three days. This was very nice as we got to know our fellow travelers and got to talk to them during the long car rides. 

Lunch was also provided the first and second day, and was quite good both times. You'll appreciate this when you see the prices of food in Iceland :) 

Note that the glacial hike is quite physically demanding. You can book these tours separately, and I would advise you to do that and only choose the first and third tour if you're with elderly people or children. However, the glacial hike was definitely one of the best parts of being in Iceland, so I recommend you try it!

From David - May 2012

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