From Lawrence

dear Arctic Adventures Management,
i wanted to drop a quick note to you about some of my recent experiences with your trips and staff.  keep in mind, i generally don't say nice things about people.

we went on the thorsmork hike with Valdi last week.  the guy is AWESOME in so many ways and i hope you recognize him for all that he is worth.  briefly, he was knowledgeable, intelligent, inspiring, comforting, understanding, kind, a hiking and safety specialist and just a great person to be around.  i really appreciated him and hope he knows that.

we also went hiking in skaftafell.  Lena was such a fun, supportive guide.  she was simply fantastic. and there was a girl who recently returned from Shanghai.  I'm sorry i dont remember her name.  why can't people in america all be nice like these staff members?!!

we also went rafting on the Astari last week.  there was a swedish river guide who i dont remember his name.  but he was just great as  
well.  kind, supportive, nice to talk to, very good and directing.

as i was booking the trip, Sigga was my main contact.  she is phenomenal, detail oriented, made me feel welcomed.  basically, i wouldn't have book everything though your company if it wasn't for her.

Sara at backpackers.  im not sure if she or Sigga put my road book together but the level of detail made our trip so rich and wonderful.

and finally, everyone who helped me in the reyk office.  im sorry i dont know their names (i do remember Dagný and , but they helped me with first rate service.

thank you, THANK YOU, to you all for everything.  I'm back home now,  
but miss Iceland dearly.

Iceland Driver Guided Super Jeep Day Tours & Glacier Expeditions

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-You can chat with your guide since he won´t be sitting far away from you.
-The tour does not take as long as in a tour bus since you don´t have to wait for the 40th person to get on board your bus.
-You can get the most out of your day by including an activity. You can choose between river rafting, snorkeling, lava caving, glacier hiking, quad biking, volcano hiking and hot spring bathing depending on tours!
-And last but not least you´ll be in a super jeep! The super jeep will get you off the beaten track by crossing rivers and driving on mountain roads and black lava sand beaches .
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