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From Dana

Sæl Kristbjörg,

langar að þakka kærlega fyrir mig í ferðinni í gær! Skemmti mér svo innilega vel og er mjög ánægð!

Kær kveðja,

Dana - June 2012

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About Super Jeep Safari

Iceland Cruisers and Arctic Adventures are Icelandic adventure and activity companies with an emphasis on eco tourism and environmentally friendly trips in the amazing Icelandic nature.

We are your one stop for super jeep tours, daytrips, expeditions, activities and adventure during your holiday in Iceland. Our operation area is Iceland, specifically South Iceland, Reykjavik, Geysir area and around Gullfoss waterfall. We also operate a number of tours in Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park.

We offer trips on super jeeps which make it possible for you to get to amazing scenery and nature unreachable without super jeeps, either driver guided tours or tours where you will be driving the super jeeps yourself.  If you want to combine your super jeep tour with an activity, we can make it happen.  We offer white water rafting on many Icelandic rivers, mostly in South Iceland. The main rafting river is Hvítá river that is very close to Geysir hot springs. We also offer white water canoeing and sea kayaking close to Reykjavik.

Other popular tours are snorkeling and diving in the Silfra ravine in Thingvellir, hiking to the hot springs near Hveragerði and Reykjavik. Glacial hiking with optional ice climbing is also a very cool tour on the glacier named Sólheimajökull (Solheimajokull glacier). These glacial trips are an excellent way to explore the rugged Icelandic glaciers up close.

We also offer a variety of hikes and treks through the most beautifull highlands, mountains and coastal regions in Iceland.

Caving in Iceland is also a superb way to explore the unseen underground lava caves and tubes.

In addition to all this we run an array of incentive trips and teambuilding activities near Reykjavik, the Golden Circle and anywhere you can think of in Iceland.

If you are looking for something more specific we are the ones to contact.  Customized ski trips, snowboard trips, hiking trips, trekking, kayaking, diving, rafting, climbing and alpine trips can be arranged.